If you are missing more than just a few teeth, consider dentures to restore your smile. Our dentures are designed to look natural and feel comfortable.

Your smile is different from anyone else’s, which means your dentures should be different too! We customize each set of dentures to create a naturally blended and beautiful smile. We have several different denture treatment options available.

Traditional Dentures

One set of traditional, complete dentures can replace one full arch of teeth.

If necessary, we can provide two sets—one for the top arch and one for the bottom arch.

Your dentures will look and feel like natural teeth to give you a stunning smile!

Our traditional dentures fit snugly into place, allowing you to resume eating and speaking like normal. Dentures can also give structure and shape to your face, making you look younger and healthier.

Implant-Supported Dentures

For patients who are interested in a more stable option, implant-supported dentures are a great way to restore your smile! Dental implants made from strong alloy material are placed in the jaw and can provide an anchor for the dentures as well as support for your jawbone.

You can chew your food and speak without worry of your dentures slipping with the stability of implant-supported dentures. Implant dentures also prevent your jawbone from decaying, keeping you looking younger for longer. You can continue to brush and floss your implant dentures the way you normally would, without special cleaners.

Partial Dentures

Many patients with missing teeth are only missing a few teeth. A partial denture is designed like a prosthetic, creating a way to attach your dentures to the top or bottom arch. Partial dentures can replace your missing teeth while keeping your natural, healthy teeth in place.

Benefits of Dentures

Your dentures can help you:

  • Eat and chew more thoroughly.
  • Speak more easily.
  • Smile more!

In the case of implant dentures, your dentures can also encourage bone regrowth in your jaw. Our goal is to help you feel like smiling all the time! During your consultation, we can work with you to decide which dentures option is right for you.

For a Beautiful New Smile, Call Our Office Today!

If you’re ready for a beautiful new smile with the help of our dentures, call our office today today! We can schedule an appointment for you and answer any questions you have.